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For over 10 years, MyJBS has been growing and expanding as a software service to learning institutions, majorly secondary schools. Focused on management, MyJBS aims at encapsulating all operational tasks in the management of a learning institution, from academics, accounting and finance to communication, e-Learning and co-curricular functions.


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Exact to the Desired

It's our habit to listen to our clients, and to keep asking what else is required. A software is only a solution if it meets the needs of the user.

High Speed & Security

Hosted on fast and secure servers, MyJBS gives an efficient working experience, with auto-backup procedures and one-step processing routines.

Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Yes, the 'my office in my hands' feeling. Use your smartphone or laptop to access the system from anywhere at any time.

Quick Support

With our online support channels, and a standby team at your service at all times, we ensure you don't get stuck in your operations.

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